Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowers in Winter

The other day, I took a much needed and anticipated trip to our local Joann's. Ya know, to spend those wonderful gift cards I received for Christmas.... and boy oh boy, could you say the store was screaming Spring! I basked in vibrant colors of reds & pinks all while keeping my eyes focused on those adorable, pastel, Easter eggs that have already arrived! Anyway, I got some Spring fever, due to the tease of climate we experienced here in Ohio and between the snow melting, bright colors, I found myself purchasing a twig wreathe to decorate with flowers for our front door. Yet truth be told, we still have months of snow ahead of us.

I'm also indulging diligently in the stack of projects I have going on. I had to post these pics of my little one modeling an apron ~you could find at the Etsy shop. They were too cute not to share! And for those interested, I will be adding more full aprons for kids as time moves forward. The apron is made with bright colors and a vintage cotton waist tie. I came across the beautiful turquoise and pink fabric and knew I could easily put it to use.


 From the looks of things at home, it is coming up flowers in winter:)

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