Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year


Hello January! I can't believe how fast time has been flying. Wouldn't you agree? It feels just like yesterday I was making a fuss about the kiddos going back to school and here we are almost done with Christmas break! As much as I wish I could hold time still..... I have to admit, it is exciting to move forward. From birthdays to more holidays, it is truly a time to get lost in and love. And as far as this post is concerned....I am debating. Do I really want to bore you with my ridiculous New Year's resolutions or would you rather hear about some exciting new projects from The Mint Needle? That's what I thought. New projects it is! Drum roll....The Mint Needle will be joining more old in with the new! Not only will I be using vintage fabrics, I will also be adding some retro hankies, doilies, and needlepoint into the fun. Upcycled if you will! I've been working on a few items featuring this combo and the outcome always seems to amaze me. The pieces will be incorporated into a few aprons and skirts to create one of a kind items. I like to think I am giving new life to the handwork of past time. It is about giving creations that have been washed and worn a second chance. It may be an apron with a yellow embroidered daisy that reminds you of your grandma's house or a bright, red, crocheted flower that makes you think of a special day. One thing is for sure, my attempt is to breathe life back into what once was, the old.....and I hope you all enjoy it!

And for the interested.....my silly New Year's resolutions:)
1. I have to wear a dress at least once a week.... (I have so many beautiful dresses, I should wear them while they fit, right?)
2. I must run a marathon! This is going to be tough, but God love my pooch, I can thank him for my
    physical fitness. Charlie has me running farther and faster than I ever thought I could.
This shall be the true test.
3. And just for fun, convince my husband we do need chickens and a beehive:)


To new beginnings and new plans!
Happy Trails & Happy New Year:)

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