Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Market Bag

So....don't you just hate it when your projects don't turn out quite the way you had pictured? I had a vision in mind. An upscale version of the market bag, with subtle earth tones, 3 pockets,  deep, and sturdy, washable - just not crooked!  This chic and hip market bag was made, double lined, double stitched and serged completely throughout for sturdiness. I would love if you all looked at this and said - "no, it's great!" But I could not bare to sell something on the etsy store that I know I couldn't stand completely behind. sister is going to be sporting the new "lucy loves me market bag" until I make more. Forget your purse at home. With this market bag, you can carry a water bottle, your keys, and a wallet - deep enough that none of the items will fall out. Hope you enjoy and hope this one sparks new ideas for those crafty do-it yourselfers who are looking for a new spring project.

And yes...those are 2012 spring seed catalogs! In which I am extremely excited about:)
I feel like a kid when I check the mail and see a gardening catalog in the box. It's so exciting, thinking what can I try this year that'll be different and garden plans - gotta love those garden plans. Some of my favorite catalogs are Cooks Garden, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds, Jung Seeds, and Totally Tomatoes.
A really good thing to remember when ordering from catalogs - look at the location of the headquarters. Meaning if your in zone 5, like me, and want a plant from a location in zone 8, chances are it won't survive even if it's a perennial and you got the best soil. Truth be told, the air is just different regarding humidity and moisture. Some of my best perennials came from those really cheap gardening catalogs we all get in the spring. Take for instance my 6 hydrangeas for 7.99 years ago. Those little things came from an Illinois garden center and have grown into the most beautiful bushes infront of our home. Don't believe when people say it won't grow because the price is cheap. If you follow directions and plant immediately after arrival - it'll grow, I'm sure of it.  And with seeds, unsprayed vs. sprayed is the question. More likely to survive and grow = sprayed. But who wants the pesticides - not me! And as a matter of fact, a friend of mine bought all organic unsprayed seeds this past year. She started everything from scratch and ended up having the most beautiful amazing garden. All the seeds took.
This really could've been a post about garden catalogs instead of a market bag. But..the two do go hand in hand:) Happy Trails!

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