Sunday, January 8, 2012

Every holiday season is jam packed with new things. For the last month, I've embarked on new emotional journeys involving, Christmas on the 25th, (or a reminder of how big your kids are getting when you watch them open up their presents),  New Year's, (or a reminder of how fast the year flew by & resolutions), my daughter's 5th birthday, (where did 5 years already go?),  Orthodox Christmas, (don't forget any traditions), and unfortunately a change in jobs, which added unnecessary stress at times.  Did I mention, that during Christmas shopping, I came home one day to find my husband in disarray with our little one that decided...."I really want short I'll cut it myself." With all these things, a mom tries to maintain balance, keep things orderly, organized, tasty, happy, calm, and of course, "smile mom".... And the truth behind it, is that I'm only worried I'll forget to do something, on my list of "to-do's", that half the time isn't even a list, but a mental picture I'm hoping I won't forget. So...somewhere inbetween the birthday and Orthodox Christmas, I found solitude in a small room, packed with fabric, paper, books, and paint. I made this skirt/shirt - I just had to share!

Of course, I also had to share my homemade bread from the festivities on January 6th and 7th.
Every year I try to decorate my bread, like the previous generations did in my husbands family.
I'm happy with the way it came out, but there's always room for improvement:)

My Girls

My little one was so happy after her haircut. We, of course, had to go to a
salon to get it "fixed".  The funny thing, after all is said and done, my 7 year old says, "I want my haircut too!"
And the little one replies, "just cut it yourself, then they'll have to take you to the
salon." Little stinker!

It's a new year, which means, on to new beginnings, new journeys, and new crafts, new projects, new ideas, new recipes:)  Yahoo! Plus...the kids are getting bigger, which means extra special help and extra special ideas:)

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