Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go Vintage!

Hope you enjoy my new header pic as much as I do.  I took that photo in our craft room under a window where my big, plastic craft table fits.  Many of my photos have been taken right there due to the awesome natural light. Beautiful fabrics were all about the table and then.....hearts, they just had to fit in somewhere.  I do that sometimes.....leave fabric laying around and debate what to do with it. There are so many ideas, but not enough fabric so I have to choose wisely or it will end in regret. There are 3 things I must do this year and hopefully sometime soon. Number 1, make a really cute pair of hot pants with quilting fabric so I can look fashionable in the garden and obtain a suntan on my cheesy white legs when the weather's warm. I love the beautiful, bright materials I've been coming across must have an elastic waist and lace trim;) Number 2, pull out those vintage patterns I've collected and start putting them to use. I'd like to create a beautiful knee length summer dress or fitted, button down tee.  Number 3, wear red lipstick, regardless of how huge it makes my teeth! These are a few of my favorite patterns I've collected:



I love finding these vintage patterns on ebay. Before you make your purchase for a great pattern, here are a few things I wish I knew prior to buying. First, check out your local fabric/pattern store. There are a couple vintage patterns still printed to this day. (And if there's a 'special', you might even get it for a fraction of the cost.) Next, know your measurements. Sizes in the 50's and 60's are not the same as today, keeping in mind that bust size is the most important. Last, read the description carefully. Are the patterns already cut? Are all pieces present? On ebay, you'll find alot of 'estate sale' finds. If the seller doesn't have an idea if all the pieces are present, I wouldn't recommend the purchase. can find some great deals. I want to end this post with a recommendation of a book I'm excited about getting. It has raving reviews and comes complete with a few great patterns. It is The Colette Sewing Handbook. I just ordered mine and ya, I know I'm a little behind, but still so excited to join in all the fun I've been hearing about it. From beginners to professionals, I hear this is a great book to use as a foundation. Can't wait! Happy Trails:)

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