Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Cutest Crocheted Tops!

My mother, my inspiration! That's all I can say. Give the women a needle and some thread and she can whip up anything your heart desires. She made these adorable crocheted tops for all four of her granddaughters. (I'd like to add, in one week.) The woman just amazes me. These were too pretty not to share. Hopefully the pictures I posted are clear enough so that anyone interested could copy the pattern. The gray top is about a size 3-4 in toddlers. The cream and gray is about a 7 in girls.  I have configured the simplest way to explain how this was made.

First, as you look at the top, eliminate all shell crocheted stitches. These are the stitches along the bottom and around the arm holes. Around the bottom you can see 6 rows on the gray top and 7 on the cream top, (the thread was thicker.)  She began this project where the chain stitch meets the shell stitch. She worked her way up the sweater making the front and the back in one single piece. Last, she added the shell stitching. This would be such a beautiful top for women too.  The shell stitches could start at an empire waist. I would love to give this a try. If I have the guts, I'll post. 

 My little models love their grandma's gifts.  

I love this picture!

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