Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The days of April...

Our little redbud tree in bloom.

The days of April seem to be passing along, promising sunny days and warm breezes. Everything is waking up and turning gorgeous shades of green. As many sewistas are taking advantage of Autumn fabrics to get ahead on sewing projects, I'm opting for staying in the moment and sewing with some beautiful shades of summer.  

I've been wanting to make Art Gallery Fabric's Spectrum Quilt for some time and I finally did it! What a fun quick sew! If anyone is looking for a simple project, this has to be it. I've been thinking about doing a second one in black and florals. Could you imagine? The contrast would be stunning!

The only thing that that the free pattern was missing was how to sew the strips together. There was no emphasis on placing them a 1/4 inch off to make up for the seam allowance. My first row was a mishap and ended up being ripped and restitched. Well, you learn something new every time!

And since I was on a roll of trying things I've been wanting to do ~ Mario Batali's Walnut Honey Cake from his America Farm to Table cookbook is Yum, Yum, Yum!  I got this book for a fraction of the cost at Barnes and Noble. Could you say "best buy of the year so far"? It's packed with timeless recipes. I truly can't wait to try more!

And my feathered girls:) They've been clucking like crazy! 
It's a good thing too, since 6 eggs are needed for that tasty cake!

One thing that ended up working out great, was planting wheat in containers. It makes for a perfect snack on rainy days when I don't want the girls to run loose:)

Hope your days are filled with sunshine! Till next time friends!

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