Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A really neat bracelet

Hello friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of Spring! I know I have. We've been busy at home, refreshing, repainting, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

One of the perks of refreshing, or should I say, reorganizing, is the fact that we often come across things we forgot we had.  A little something special that was found upon going through some closet baskets were vintage purse handles purchased for a buck fifty!

So what did I decide to do? Make bracelets! For starters, the bead holes were the perfect size for pulling through some stitched fabric straps. Second, who doesn't love wooden beads? And third, those purse handles are still good for a bag, this time with fabric straps :) Just take a look at how easy this came to be!

The handle part that attaches to the actual purse was screwed into place.
That made it so easy to take the beads off.

For my daughter's bracelet, I re-purposed some fabric scraps I had no use for. But you can easily use single fold bias tape and just sew it closed to create a fray free edge!

Wasn't that a really quick project? I'm sure it will sprout into a ton of ideas! How about some necklaces? One thing's for sure, next time I'm vintage shopping, I'll be keeping my eyes open for unique beads!
Happy Spring Days till next time!

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