Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh September, September...

September has arrived and as my girls say, "only 21 more days till fall is here!" Like everyone else, we're so excited.  And even though it was 82 degrees outside, the girls insisted we crank up the a/c and make hot chocolate:) It was a great idea!

I've missed this blog and sewing so much. I must've miscalculated time constraints because even though the girls are back at school, I haven't had much time to sit and catch up on sewing. But, that doesn't mean ideas aren't brewing. I've headed back to some Recollection fabrics in hopes of using up those gorgeous scraps. So far, it's looking good. The whole sewing room is packed with mini-piles of potential projects. (None of which include Christmas gifts, or fix-its for the family.) And I suppose it's okay since I vowed to everyone that starting next week, specifically on Tuesday, I will be leaving for vacation. They can reach me upstairs where I will be sewing and giving my creative side all the attention. Should they 'need' me, they are to resort to all other measures before knocking:) Geez, I hope my hubby knows that he is 'all other measures before knocking....'

On another note... I couldn't help but post a picture (below) of the awesome cotton, fabric I got a discount store. Could you believe I only paid $3.99 a bolt!?!?! There were more than 9 yards on this bolt, only downside ~ they were pre-cut pieces. Still... how fabulous is that??

Happy Trails till next time! Hopefully I'll get to post some more completed projects next time we meet:)

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