Monday, September 21, 2015

Country Living Fair 2015

The Country Living Fair was here! And if you were lucky, you got to enjoy treasure hunting at its finest, walking among beautiful, unique, vintage, and handmade items!
Check out some pics!

Could a fairy house be any cuter?

Great items for organizing!

There's so much to see!

I have to admit... this is one place I didn't mind seeing Christmas items!

I absolutely could've walked away with 4 of these giant blending bowls.
They were enormous!


Vintage toy shop

The Ohio Village Tea Demo

Could you tell that it was an absolutely gorgeous day? I really can't say there was a specific area I loved the best. It was all so wonderful! Everything was spread out perfectly that as you wandered, you came across a treasure at every corner. The artisans, who hand crafted items right on the spot, were so inspiring. I loved that every vendor wanted to explain the ingredients behind their products, (specifically soap & lotion makers). And, the historical village had prop people playing the various roles of the time period. It was so neat!

So what did I walk away with??? A few prized vintage tablecloths and doilies. Not many people know this, but I'm a complete sucker for them. There's just something about finding fabric prints and textiles that are truly one of a kind. As I like to say... they were the artisans of yesterday. 

We also received some knowledge from the two seminars we sat in on. "Raising Chickens Naturally" with Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily gave the audience so much information about various herbs and natural cleaners that promote good health. "Making Fresh Goat Cheese" with Jeff Wince and Chad Snelling of Tilton Hollow Farm & Soap Co. was fun & amazing to watch. Literally, different cheeses were created right before our eyes! Obviously, I am preparing my hubby for some new pets;)

One more thing.... the food.... oh geez.... I guess we started our Thanksgiving weight gain early. All those yummy food trucks! Just too delicious to pass up!

Happy Trails till next time!

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