Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July!

Hello friends! Has it really been this long since my last post? Time is flying! There's so much to show you! Today's post is a cross between check out this project & sharing these just because.
Super fun & colorful, these pillows are perfect for any space!

All you need are twelve 2.5" strips. Separate them in two piles, sewing 6 strips together. If you're using the same fabric twice, keep them all in the same pile just staggering them. If you re-use the same fabric in the other pile, you risk having the same prints next to each other. 

Once your rows are sewn, cut 3 inch strips. I didn't take a snapshot of my peach and purple pile but you can see below how I positioned and flipped the strips once they were cut and placed together.

I finished them up by adding white fabric to the sides and trimmed away any excess to create a 16 x 16 inch pillow. For the backside I used the fold over method with a contrasting fun owl print.
Could you believe that's it? So fun and simple to make!

On another note....

 Here are the two random blocks that never quite made it to the pillow phase... yet.  The first one, with 9 flying geese, is pretty big & I'll have to stuff it myself. I still have a bit of Recollection fabrics leftover so I think you'll be seeing more projects with these colors:)

The second, is my very first attempt at creating a flying geese pinwheel block. I taped it to the window in front of my sewing machine... well, just because. It's so pretty and I'm so proud of my points:) However, that center seam is alot more tough than I had expected. I had noooo idea it would be so thick. And, I'm to nervous to trim away the extra fabric..... Oh, the things I have yet to learn!

Till next time friends! Happy Trails to the pillows our heads rest on!

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