Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A little late....

Don't you just love it when scraps from projects lead to "other" projects? 
Well, that's exactly what happened here.  

A few weeks ago I posted this little number on my Instagram. And.... I've finally decided to blog about it!

I had a bunch of ten inch squares leftover from a flying geese quilt I started to make. (Yes... more triangles....)  Looking at the small pile, a dozen ideas went through my mind. Then.... I realized, this is the perfect time to 'wing it'.  Having no idea of what image I would end up with, I stitched random prints together, face to face, on all four sides. Then, using a rotary cutter and ruler, I to cut an "X" across the closed square. Once opened, four beautiful, half triangle blocks were ready to get played with! I loved doing this because it super easy and you get quick results!!

Placement is the best part of any project. And, it's the one my girls love the most. They said it's like putting a puzzle together:) There are sooo many possibilites. The best part ~ how quick they are to dislike a configuration and how tough it is to choose between the ones they like:)

In the end, I really thought the repeating yellow fabric across the center looked the best.

And Ooooh how I love sharp points!!

The finished size isn't quite big ~  only 40 by 40 inches. It's completely deceiving in this picture, but it does make me realize how beautiful this would look on a grand scale.

Till next time friends:)

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