Sunday, June 7, 2015

Making Rose Scrubs 101

There's nothing about sewing in today's post! Instead, I decided to bring the outdoors in thanks to my girls!

What do you do when you have two little girls who love to play 'Spa' and you're just not interested in buying products whose ingredients list contains words you can't pronounce? You make your own!
There are ton of ways to make rose salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, or even honey scrubs. 
But I have to say, I love mine the best & here's why.

For starters, I only use tea roses that are home grown with no fertilizers. Yup. These are the same roses I used to make rose syrup. You can find that recipe here.  So if it's okay to go inside your body, it's definitely okay on your skin!

And second, I add yummy items like essential oils, coconut butter, & honey. 
They're things that make a good smell even better!

For Rose Salt Scrub #1, you'll need:
~2 cups rose petals (preferably a tea rose)
~2 cups Epsom salt
~1/4 cup sea salt
~1/3 cup coconut oil
~patchouli essential oil 
(I love this smell but it's entirely optional.)
~food processor ~ use the plastic blade

Combine all the ingredients in the food processor.  For the essential oil, I took the dropper off  and drizzled the patchouli directly onto the rose petals.

You need to use the plastic blade if you want the scrub petals to stay pink. Just as I said in the syrup recipe, there is a chemical reaction when this specific rose petal hits metal. It turns it bluish purple! So... you'll need to use a wooden or plastic spoon each time you scoop or pour. I love to use this as a body scrub for me but will only use it on my girls' feet to exfoliate those summer soles that get oh~so dirty when playing outside:)

Having said that, here's recipe #2:
It's perfect for adding to your bath water!
1 cup rose petals
2 cups sea salt
1 heaping Tbsp of cornstarch.
food processor with metal blade

I like to add the cornstarch because it soaks up the moisture in the petals and I notice that it stays a powdery blue consistency. Again, the metal blade has a reaction to the petal color and voila! You have a gorgeous lavender, bluish colored rose salt! Add a few tablespoons to the water, or you can swap the salt for sugar and make a sweet body scrub!

Rose Salt Scrub
Rose sugar scrub with metal blade attachment for food processor.

Last, here's recipe #3 ~ The Rose Honey Scrub

You'll need:
1 cup raw honey
1 Tbsp grapeseed oil
1 cup Epsom salt
handful of rose petals
lavender essential oil (optional)

Pour the honey, salt, essential oil and rose petals in the food processor & use the plastic blade attachment. After combined, add the grapeseed oil. If it is too thick, continue to add grapeseed oil one teaspoon at a time until you achieve the desired consistency.

Rose Honey Scrub

I love making these items at home with the ingredients straight from the pantry. I feel it sets good examples for the girls about being aware of what we put on our skin as well as how fun they are to make! Just remember to never use these scrubs on broken skin. Even though honey is extremely healing as well as coconut oil, the salts and sugars could add stinging and burning. If you're using them for your spa loving little ones like me, use it only on their hands and feet. If it's for you? Indulge. I love these for exfoliating!

Here's to enjoying the salt, sugar, and roses till next time!

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