Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fabric Buckets

As I'm looking at the scattered fabric squares and triangles on the playroom floor, I can't help but noticed that teddy bears and stuffed animals are decorating the base boards of the room. I attempt to make a fast clean up, quickly noticing all the bins are maxed out. So instead of instigating an impromptu clean up with the girls... this crafty mom finds the positive and starts another project. Yup, that's what happens to those of us who like to create. Sometimes I think I'm the only person that can see a mess and even that will spark a new idea! 

Fabric bins are great for so many reasons. They're washable, great for matching decor, you can use them from the closet to toys.... etc. etc. etc. You get the picture. Right? BUT.... I could never seem to find the perfect size. I really wasn't in the mood for running to the store to find a pattern and online sites... well....the fabric buckets are just to small. So, first I decided square bottom or circular? Circular seemed more easy. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a huge chip & salsa wooden bowl.

Next I measured the circumference and made note to cut my fabric THAT length. Yes... THAT length. The reason. It's easier to cheat the base of the bucket rather than the noticeable side should you fall short with fabric length. I added seam allowance to mine and ended up snipping away while the base was getting stitched on. Ugh...

Going on... You'll need 3 parts each to the base & sides: outer fabric, inner fabric, & lining. Remember to ask yourself how tall do you want your bin to be? In the end you'll fold over the edge so add a generous inch and a half to the desired height!

Starting with base, I stitched my inner fabric to the batting I used as my lining.

Stitch the vertical part of the bin by matching right sides together and doing a half inch seam. I know it sounds crazy considering you didn't cut a seam allowance but, again, I did, and I needed to snip away a whole inch! 

Attach the base to the sides with many many many pins.

If you added seam allowance to your fabric anyways:
Start by stitching an inch away from the vertical seam.
By the time you make it full circle, you will be able to gauge if you need to snip away.

I added the side batting to the outer fabric because I wanted a couple horizontal quilt lines.
I added quilting to the base in the previous pictures to avoid bulking.

It's looking like a bin!

Attach the inside to the out and straight stitch the top.

Last, I folded over the top to create a contrasting line and some sturdiness to the edge.

And it's done!!!

The finished size is a little over 15 inches tall by a 13 inch base.

Happy Trails to the things that spark new ideas! Now, time to get back to those fabric pieces!

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