Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Mesa Quilt

Begonia love. That red goes perfect with the new Mesa quilt top!

I think I have a really big problem. It involves fabric hoarding, some cutting tools, & pinterest. Seriously.
I finally finished piecing together my quilt top from the lovely Cotton + Steel Collection Mesa by Alexia Abegg. Oh, how I love it!

There's just something about the moment you take your project outside and watch the wind carry it a bit. It's like your watching your work come to life. The colors are so vibrant, so potent, that these pictures just don't do justice.
Each flying geese is 4 x 8 inches, making the quilt a total size (so far) of 65 by 69 inches.
"So far" because I'm still debating on leaving it like so or adding a mini geese border with the fabric leftovers. Could you believe all I used was one fat quarter bundle? 

So what am I working on next? Oh, ya know, nothing like starting multiple projects at once.
I've already got blocks cut up for some more flying geese, but this time it's all pastels. (Seriously, I don't know what's up with me and triangles.) Some 'feathers' are also being given a try along with a pretty gorgeous quilt block involving mountains. Only if there was more time in the day....

~On another note~
There's a ton more things I've stitched together. I got two more strip quilts that I have to take some snapshots of. I know 2!!! But they're super fun and quick to sew up especially if all you want to do is sit & stitch without thinking. Ha! I also started up a couple more pillow covers but they never quite made it all the way. I'll have to share those items and more next time!

Happy Trails!!!

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