Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some much needed sew time!

Ooh how I've missed my sewing machines!! We've been so busy outside that yesterday, I made it a point to take some me time & 'disappear' upstairs to the sewing room. And guess what, I was able to finish a couple of aprons, one of which is pictured below. And, I even made a pillow case with some scraps I had lying around. Talk about some much needed sewing time!

The sweetest thing was hearing my younger daughter say, "Mama, why would anyone want to wear your aprons?" In shock, I replied, "What do you mean?" (Please elaborate....)
"Ya know, they're just too pretty. Who would want to get mustard all over those polka dots and flowers?"

As for the pillow case.....
Well, between leftovers from Pat Bravo's Blog Tour plus birchen quilt scraps, I came up with this little piece. Not exactly perfect ~ but I love it!
I have a couple more ideas brewing, of course they involve more triangles. 

I'm telling you, I knew this quilting thing wasn't a fad!
I've become utterly obsessed with patching different fabrics together!

When I make random pillow covers, I love to use this type of backing. I just make sure that the fabrics overlap about 2 inches for nice closure.

Happy Trails to things we create for our home with scraps:)

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  1. Love the apron and the pillow!
    I have been in the same boat - lots to do in the garden and missing my sewing time! But tonight is the night....