Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Creative Christmas ornaments

This time of year, I love to show my girls how you can make Christmas ornaments from almost anything.
For example take the following two projects! The first is a twig & birds nest which requires a couple sticks, glue, glitter, wire and beads.

(If you're going to do this project with little ones, replace the wire with twine.)
 Start by creating a small bundle of equally sized twigs. Wrap them with wire (or twine) to secure them together.

Grab the glue and start applying a thin coat to the stick ends. You really won't want to get glue in the center for a couple reasons. The glue won't adhere to the wire and if you use it one twine, you risk having it loosen from being wet. (Unless you want to make this into a two day project & have it dry overnight.)

Stick the glitter in a small Ziploc bag an throw the bundle of twigs inside. 
Give it a shake.

 Next you'll want to make the bird's nest.
I make these by threading the beads, or 'eggs', on the end of a wire & then continue by wrapping one string around them in a circular pattern. Towards the end, when my desired size/shape comes to be, I start to wire in opposing directions to secure it. There's a great YouTube video here in case you're looking for a more natural shaped nest.

Once complete, take the nest and hot glue it onto the glitter frosted branches.
That's it! You got yourself one more pretty ornament to add to the tree:)

Project #2 The glittered wooden spool.
All you need are a couple different sized beads, wire, one spool, glue and glitter.

Start by threading the smallest of the beads to the center of a 10 inch piece of wire.
Fold it in half & re-thread both pieces through a bigger bead.
Thread the beads through the center of the spool and add another one. The beads closest to the spool should be large enough to cover the hole.

Looking at this now, I totally could've made this into a butterfly or some type of bug
just by adding silk flower petals to one side for wings! Somebody better run
with that idea;)

Spread the two wires and add smaller beads on each end.
When complete, wrap the ends around each other and carefully tuck them into the opposing bead holes.

Add some glitter! Paint the spool with a thin coat of glue and drop it into that bag of glitter!

That's it! Isn't that just adorable?
Two creative projects to try when you're feeling crafty!
Happy Trails till next time!

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