Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Christmas Story

While at Joann's, looking for 'triple thick', (you'll hear about that in a different post), I came across this adorable panel for a fabric book. I mean, who can say 'no' to Mary Engelbreit?  I fell in love with the little mice, bright colors, & Christmas spirit. It was something I've never done so why not give it a try?

After all my panels were cut, I pinned each section prior to stitching because I wasn't so sure how the batting would be 'sew-able' through all those layers. A pleasant surprise, it worked!

Just remember to leave a descent size opening so that you can flip it right side out.
You can see in the picture below that I left an opening, about 4 inches wide.

When it came to finishing, I just pinned through all the layers and stitched the book together.

This is such a quick project to make!

After completed, I realized how you can really have fun creating your own, unique one of a kind books.
And.... you can even embellish the store bought panels by adding sparkles, beads, or ribbon to the images.
Two things I learned. The book panel covers should always be larger and felt or fleece makes a great filler in case you don't have batting on hand:)

Happy trails till next time!

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