Wednesday, September 10, 2014


September, September…… How fast you have come! As odd as this may sound, I believe I am ready for the cooler climates & so is the rest of the family. True story, my little one started crying looking at the forecast. "When am I going to get to wear my new jacket to school. It's warm everyday!" Needless to say, she went to school this morning with her new leather jacket. (It was 73 degrees out this morning.... Yup, no joke.) The summer has been unusually odd and muggy in Ohio. I say it’s time to clear the air. The cooler climates, whenever they arrive, will call for more sewing time. Hooray! But that doesn't mean I can't sneak away for a couple minutes now....even in the sunshine, right?

I've been on a kick to take another swing at doing some quilting. I'm not sure what my goal is exactly ~ which can be a problem. Let's just say it's experimental. And thanks to that Pinterest...(again), it's a new love.

I know, you’re probably thinking just blocks. Triangles, no biggie. But it’s so much more than that. Since I’ve been researching different quilting patterns, I can’t help but notice how much these triangles hold value. They are the virtual start for any kind of quilt. By playing with the placement, you can get quite a few patterns!

And these are the handy new tools, stating that this project should be a cinch.
We'll see about that!

So I'm going back & forth between the chevron pattern & first picture which just showed repeating triangles.
For now, it's just fun cutting up all the fabric and playing around. (I really missed my sewing machines this summer.) Stay tuned for the outcome!

Happy Trails!

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