Sunday, September 21, 2014

Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Well.... right before summer break began, my then, first grader brought home a real tiny sprout in a plastic cup. We planted this little thing right behind our house in a small flower bed where I knew it would get plenty of sun. She grew very big, very fast...

The gardener and her sunflower at the end of July.

Early to mid August she was in full bloom.

September.... we're ready for harvesting the seeds!

Every year it's so much fun to watch the girls garden & their expressions when all comes out as planned!
The small flower bed, which is also positioned outside our breakfast nook, made for some great monitoring and morning conversations:) Everyday, I believe we heard - "It grew another foot!"

For harvesting these yummy seeds, all you do is have to separate the seeds, wash them thoroughly 
and bake them in the oven with a little salt.
Remember to leave a couple for to air dry as seeds for next year:)

You can see how they darken even more so ~ after they've been cooked.

Here's to young gardeners:)

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