Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mulberries, Pretty Fabric, & a Lunch Bag

Yesterday morning we woke up to a delicious surprise.... Our Mulberry tree had some ripe berries ready for picking! These yummy fruits have some interesting health benefits. Did you know that the juice is good to drink for those who are anemic, have heart palpitations, or suffer from insomnia? They also are known to increase the appetite, aid digestion, eliminate constipation, & help with impotence. According to Chinese medicine, the berries could even strengthen hair, making it longer, faster. Pretty interesting, wouldn't you say?

Onto other special things......
Look at these beautiful fabrics! Flowers, ferns, & roses in bright, vibrant colors are 'sew' inspiring.
I can't wait to get stitching!

And of course I want to share with you my latest 'quick sew'. A little bag that's going to be used for lunch.
Take a look!

As I'm looking at these pictures, the bag doesn't seem so little, but I promise it is. I used an Amy Butler pattern for the main shape and added bias tape and straps. When it's filled with food I just tie the straps together to form a tear drop handle. Isn't that sweet?

Till next time friends!

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