Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Hike and Clay

Finding clay in the backyard is pretty exciting when you got two little artisans eager to get their hands dirty. Behind our house, in the woods, there is a beautiful layer of pure clay that lines the creek where tiny minnows, crayfish, & frogs live. Of course my gals were ready for a project. Take a look at our backyard hike and our attempt at making pinch pots.


See the horizontal layers. Pure clay!

I couldn't believe.... real clay at large! Yah, I think this means bigger buckets next time. In case you come across earth clay yourself, just remember to wash it before the creativity begins. Little pebbles and greenery all needs to be rinsed off before. Also, you don't have to bake these projects either. Leaving them outdoors to dry will eventually harden the clay. I've researched a couple neat projects I think the girls would like to try. Things you could do with lace, beads, & adding food dye. Well... maybe not food dye, but you get the picture:)

Happy Forest Trails!

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