Sunday, April 27, 2014

Everything is coming up flowers....

The house is still beaming with flowers we received for hosting Easter Sunday. Tulips, hyacinth, and hydrangeas are nestled throughout the kitchen, family room, & bedrooms. It's quite lovely. Plus, my tulips finally bloomed, hooray! We've been busy starting up our yearly outdoor work loads tiding up the flower beds and garden area. And I'm very pleased to say our cool crop lettuce has started growing:) With all these blooms coming up I was inspired to prolong my use of the 'shorts' fabric from a previous post and use it to make an adorable day dress. Take a look!

I've had this vintage pattern sitting on my sewing desk for sometime. An Ebay find, originally I bought it for the 2 piece swimsuit, but decided to try the dress first. Why, you ask? Because it had everything going for it. No measurement for the waist, length could be adjusted, and a loose fit in the bust. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

One interesting thing about this pattern is that you attached the top lining after it was connected to the skirt portion. 

And isn't it just lovely? Super soft rayon challis is light and airy. (I'm making note that I need to create some curtains with this fabric. It's sooo pretty!)  The pattern was one of the easiest I've ever followed and left absolutely no room for error. All went according to plan which is something I don't get to say too often. The only pain in the dupa was trimming away the corners before reversing the top piece. This was tedious because of how delicate the material was.

At the end of a project, I usually stick my 2 cents in saying what I would do differently ~ next time. 
Gotta admit, not for this project. The fabric choice and pattern make for a soft summer dress.
I got a little more of this material left, so don't be surprised if you see some more items in these patterns, wink, wink.....
Till next time, Happy Trails!

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