Friday, March 7, 2014

The Runners!

Hello sunshine! Well that cute little runner I started has been completed and it came out delightful! It is smaller than I had anticipated but I guess it's okay considering I've never done blocks on a diagonal. Just take a look!

I lined the back with pastel, pink satin. As I began folding it, I realized it would
make a really cute bag!

But for now, I kept it a mini runner:)

And..... this other piece was screaming "finish me!" all the way from last year. So that's just what I did. Pretty cute, huh? It seems to brighten the kitchen table even though the views still consist of snow and cold, cold skies.

I apologize for my lack of St. Patrick's day projects. I just haven't been feeling very 'green'. I am planning, however, to take a try at some Irish Soda Bread and will upload it to clementine & clove:) Until then, enjoy the changes Spring is to bring. Daylight savings time is Sunday, March 9th! Here's to longer days:)

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