Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh... March!

And the snow shall continue..... March 1st seemed to be a little tease from Mother Nature. Weather in the 40's and spurts of sunshine gave us a slight break, one that even made the buds on our peach tree look a tiny bit bigger. And from what I'm gathering from the blogs I follow, all you are going through quite the same thing. The truth, I really don't mind the snow. It's the cold polar vortex that's slowly doing me in. And according to the Farmers Almanac, it's not going away anytime soon. Do you know how they predict the weather patterns? By solar outbursts in the sun & the way that it reflects back to our earth, along with current weather movements. Pretty neat, huh? Maybe, just maybe, that statistical 20% of being wrong will kick in this Spring. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Until then, the living room window shall serve a delightful purpose for house plants on sunny mornings.

So if it's still freeeeeezzing outside, what have we been doing? Just some stitching. I'm currently working on mini runner & a couple of new girls aprons. Here's a sneak peak!

And for the curious about past posts...

I'm proud to say my daughter ended up raising $150.00 for St. Jude's! Way to go! There is something to be said about children who want to give:) They're pretty special!

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails."
~Henry David Thoreau

Till next time friends, Happy Trails!

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