Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Inspiring Aprons

Hey readers! Today's post is about another wonderful sewing excursion I've embarked upon. Helping make these beautiful aprons for my daughters and nieces. Nope, these aren't the baking, gardening, or party aprons like you see in the etsy shop. 


Instead, they are handmade with needlework, velvet, lace, & fringe. The girls, along with my two nephews have the wonderful experience of participating in Serbian folklore dancing at our church. The costumes as a whole are just gorgeous, but the aprons are my favorite;) My mother did the needlework using a wide cross stitch grid and placing it onto the velvet. The wider the grid, the easier it is to pull the fibers out, leaving only the floral design. I completed them by piecing together the different layers: the lining, trim, face, & waistband. The end result was beautiful and just makes me want 
to do a little of my own cross stitching as well. 
Moms ~ How they do inspire:)

And below... This lovely apron is Mom's original from the early 70's. The polka dot lining is perfect!

On another note, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't mention.... ~ I hope everyone had a delightful Halloween! We sure did:) It was rainy and unusually warmer than the previous years. It made walking up to all those greatly decorated Halloween porches that much more fun! The girls were soaked, the make-up was runny, but the smiles were huge! And as always, my husband and I seem to be drawn to the candy dish more than the girls! To entering November on a sweet note!

Happy Trails:)

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