Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Mixed Up Dress

I recently saw a great quote on Pinterest: If you want it, but it doesn't exist. Create it. That pretty much sums up the idea between putting these patterns together. A two-tone dress, clean lines, retro shape, and knit fabric for comfort.  

This dress falls at perfect mid calf length & was pieced together rather easily considering I didn't pay attention to measurements as tediously as I should've. I only ended up re-doing the waist once for a better fit. In my world, this means success. So are there any ideas I shall note, if ever attempted again? Well of course there are!

1. Pay attention to the main lines of the dress. Don't pick tops that can't be easily attached to the bottoms. The narrow waist in the top is what made this do-able with the bottom.

2. Make sure your 2 patterns have the same fabric choice recommendations. This will help overall in the flow of your garment.

3. Note measurements before anything! (This should have been number one.) Especially if you're not making a muslin.

4. Combine fabrics which are equal in weight. For example ~ Do not put heavy weights with lightweight tops. (Follow this even if the fabric choices coincide with the patterns!)

5. Work on one section at a time!

I can't wait to wear this pretty number! It's soft, comfy, & fits just right. But this isn't the only thing I've been stitching up. Check out cute clutch #2 in blues and pinks. I think I'm getting addicted to making these bags:) It's a good thing.

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