Monday, June 10, 2013

Mulberry Tree

Hello Mint Needle readers! There's so much to talk about. A wonderful couple days off from work has felt like a mini-vacation. The yard is in full bloom which means we're spending more time outdoors rather than in. I've uploaded a handful of aprons to the etsy shop, thanks to some late night sewing. The smell of wild phlox coming in through the open window in the evening was dreamy and kept me stitching! Strawberries are getting picked and my girls have taken action trying to pick the mulberries before the birds eat them all. ~ But they're not completely ripe yet. Nothing a little sugar can't fix. I love this tree and can't imagine our backyard without it!



And a walk after the rain subsided....
If you look to left, under the tree, it's my younger daughter on a small path. I just loved these pics so much, I had to add them to this post!

After the rain, the sun came out. The sunlight hit the trees right as a mist began to form. It was beautiful!

Happy trails till next time!

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