Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ahhh Summer....

For some odd reason when I thought of summer, I thought of endless sewing, new craft projects, gardening the yard to a mint. And the truth is, I've had little time to do any of those things. I've been on the constant move of trying to keep the girls busy and organized. Summer break, so far, has meant an overhaul of misplaced items and "let's not try to make a mess anymore". The girls officially have a specified craft table out on our porch that allows them to spill paint, get the chairs dirty, and get down right creative. Result ~ the house...stays clean that much longer:) So what sewing did I get done? Well, I share with you three lovely girls skirts I made for a dear friend and her daughters. I used a blend of hip fabrics and lined the band and inside with the oh sooo soft rayon jersey knit.
Take a look!


On another note, everything has bloomed. Which means....my dining table and kitchen are currently the drying grounds of lavender, calendula, mint, dill, & yarrow.
It looks somewhat of a hobbits home.


I even grabbed the poppy stems to tie in a bunch and hang upside down in a paper bag. This is the only sure way to catch those tiny seeds.
I'm looking forward to tying up the loose ends of some unfinished projects... the summer table runner, a mini quilt, & starting new ones! I'm really digging The Alison Bathing Suit by BurdaStyle.  I saw some unique prints that could make this a one of a kind piece.
I hope I get some late night sewing in to give it a try!
Happy trails till next time:)

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