Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May!

Picnic season is officially here. Can you feel it?
As the days progress, the weather appears more and more promising.
I've been enjoying hearing my little one's yell "race you" as they run down a bright green, grassy hill,
 laughing and giggling, practicing softball for the upcoming games, climbing trees, digging in dirt, 
and making secret paths in the woods. (I can't wait to show you those!) I enjoyed some
me time and having my hair done.  I was not going to spend my fast approaching 32nd
birthday with split ends. (Should I add an 'lol' to the end of that sentence?) And...
I especially loved my daughters adorable comments when I got home. "Mom, you got your hair
de-puffed. It looks great." Yes... de-puffed. It is my new favorite word:) Enough of all that warm weather bliss. Here's the go. I've been overloading on pinterest & great images of picnics.
Wow! There are some amazing ideas out there. It has solely inspired me to get my 
basket together for one of those special days. Inside, I've managed to get all our must haves ready.

Here's the list:
4 plates
2 glasses
2 plastic cups
4 forks
1 knife & matches in a sealed pouch
4 napkins
candles & an old artichoke hearts jar
The jars are the perfect size for a votive.
1 pair of tongs
a mini wine bottle opener
a tablecloth
pillows, pillows, & more pillows


The girls are planning their own basket, fully equipped with figurine fairies.
Did you know they love to have picnics too?
To the picnics we make along our happy trails:)
 P.S. Stay tuned for the "Fabric" book, an awesome thrift store find, & more gardening!
Everything's turning green!

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