Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree your here....(actually a couple of days ago).
And it was sooo fun picking you out!.......

Every year, we enjoy the great experience of picking our tree at Fry's Farm.
Located just a couple miles up the road, they've restructured old buildings into a little town right on the property. It's a true visit back in time as you walk through a school house, post office, a farm, & various specialty shops. Our favorite is not only the honey, but the wonderful handmade toys.
I share with you, a little bit of our visit, the tree, & one of the coolest interactive musical sculptures.
Everyone is playing with it:)



Picture taken through a hole in the door.
Our Tree! Oh how we love you!!!


Isn't she just gorgeous? I love that every piece tells a story.
The girls had such a blast decorating. They loved re-finding ornaments they've made
and one's received as presents.
Now.... If I can only stop procrastinating and finish shopping for gifts!

On another note: We've had a busy December so far and it's going to stay this way well into February. What do think about seven birthdays, New Year's, & two Christmas' wrapped up in less than two months? That's why I call it the mother load of timing. Posts will slow down as I attempt to savor our free time with family and what's left of 2012. But I assure you, there's more goodies I have in store for The Mint Needle & I can't wait to tell you all about them! From new products to new projects we'll have so much to talk about! Until then.....
Don't forget to check out Clementine & Clove every once in awhile for more yummy recipes. This time of year, we can pull out some of the best! 

Happy Trails:)

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