Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Yellow Dress

Yellow, jersey knit fabric has been sitting around our craft room without purpose...

That is, until today:)

I decided to make my little peanut a retro inspired dress with a full skirt for an upcoming trip!
Super comfy & cute, it fashions a tie for the straps & waist. (This means it'll last for awhile, 'cause as she can the dress.)

Here's how I did it:

I've become pretty good at configuring my girls size.
I didn't use a pattern, but you can always take measurements from
a reversed tank.

I cut a back & front - one from my 'dress' material & one from
cream cotton. I used the cream cotton as my lining. Not only for durability, but comfort too.

I made my skirt by gathering a long piece of fabric, (cut two for a front and back), and stitching it to the top.

I completed my front & then back.

I connected them while placing my waist ties in between.

I folded it right side out & finished with shoulder straps.

I adorned the right side with a colossal fabric scrap that was the shape of a triangle.
Again, I used my gathering stitch & pulled the material together to create this adorable ruffle.

Just the sweetest thing!

 Gotta admit....I want one too.
To putting unused fabric to good use!
Happy Trails:)

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