Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Tea Towel

Are you looking for a quick sewing break? 

Some of the cutest items we have in our house are the ones we create. I stumbled across these bright white napkins and couldn't help but wonder how cute I can make them look. With fabric scraps & lace remnants available, this was a sure project. It's a fun, great way to use up your material & create your own design. (And it let me slip away to my dearly missed craft room for a couple minutes of sewing!) The best part.... is you get something new for your home.

I love this green & white polka dot fabric.

I cut my fabric to two inches deep by whatever your towel width is plus two inches.
The ends were folded inward & pressed to make for a clean finish.

You can fold your ends a couple different ways.
I like this way the best.

Pin your material thru the center to prevent it from moving.

Stitch the two inch side last. By leaving it open, your able to fold your lace
under for a clean, flawless appearance.

Tea towels are a great, inexpensive way to add color & charm to your kitchen or even bathroom. Could you picture how adorable a table scape would be with these at each place setting?
Too cute to pass up!

To stealing a couple minutes of happy sewing!
Happy Trails:) 

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