Sunday, November 30, 2014

diy clutch

Looking for a really simple project? Well, look no further! This quick and chic clutch is perfect for everyone & it's a cinch to make!

Here's what you'll need:
2 coordinating fabrics ~ (cut 2) 8 x 16 inches; (cut 2) 6 x 16 inches
13 inch zipper
1 large button
7 inch piece of twill (or ribbon for extra closure)
Lining fabric ~ (cut 2) 16 x 13 inches

Start by sewing the 6" x 16" piece to the 8" x 16" piece. (Keep face sides together.)

Open the connected fabric and top stitch the hem. (This part isn't necessary, but I love to do it when making bags because it minimizes a crease and bulging.)

Center & place the twill cord at the base of one panel and stitch it in place. 

You can replace the twill cord with a couple of other items like piping, ribbon, or stitched bias tape.
If you're going to use the ribbon, I would triple it up and braid it. Especially if it's going to be a frequently used bag.

Center that zipper and stitch it in place!
(I like to work one side at a time.) Sew the lining in place after.

Press to flatten the fabric so that it doesn't crowd the zipper. If it does, you can do a quick top stitch next to the zipper so that the fabric won't move. Just be sure to pin before you sew because lining loves to move!

Stitch both ends (where the zipper stops).

Then, making sure you LEAVE THE ZIPPER OPEN, face to face and lining to lining, stitch the bag complete. Don't forget to leave a few inches open in the lining so that you can reverse it and tuck it into the bag shape:)

I love this bag! It's versatile for so many things! I'm using mine to hold a couple art supplies since it's a pretty generous size! (Those paint brushes were looking a little cliche in the mason jar with knitting and crochet needles:)

Happy Trails till next time!

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