Wednesday, August 7, 2013


One of the greatest new things I've embarked upon this summer is making homeopathic oils, thanks to my mom. With all the items in bloom around our home, we figured what better way to preserve the goodness than making them into essential oils. With a simple system, we were able to create wonderful smelling oils that could be used for massage, moisturizers, or topical medicines for months to come. All you need is some grapeseed or olive oil, (they're the best carriers), some clear jars, your plants, and cheesecloth. Start by taking your plants and chopping or pinching them apart. I don't like to wash the plants prior, so if your like me, you'll have to pick on a rain free - wind clean day. Pick your plants early and get to choppin'. Place the plant flowers or pieces in a clear jar and then add your 'carrier' oils. Place them on a sunny window for 2-3 weeks. Strain your flowers out using the cheese cloth and add some more fresh. Place on the window sill for another 2-3 weeks until your achieve your desired potency. This is a time consuming process but the benefits are great. When you're all done, place the oil in the amber bottles and make sure you label the plant and year. I love to use these oils as natural treatments for the hair and skin. Keep in mind, some plants will cause your oils to change color. For example, St. John's Wort will turn into a rich, clear pink shown below.

So..... a good thing to remember during fall planting ~ what plants would you like to harvest as oils next year?  It'll take you on a whole new path when it comes to gardening ~ and a good one.

On another note.... can I please have a little time to get this project rolling?
I found the cutest romper pattern and have been aching to get my hands on it. Never mind that it's sized for the teens ~ there are perks to being 5'2". I am convinced that it will fit perfectly in these adorable tiny red polka dots in rayon challis. If there were only enough hours in the day. Hopefully you'll see this project pan out sooner than later. After all, school is starting in 11 days but who's counting;)


Happy Trails:)

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