Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mom's Snowflakes

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season as we all scramble to get those last minute items.  I can't believe how fast this month has been moving by! I can honestly say I'm savoring every moment I get to craft as the month of December has been quite difficult, being packed with too many 'to-do's'. In the previous post about our Christmas tree, I photographed a bird's nest my mother had crocheted and made mention of some beautiful snowflakes. I had to share in hopes that you all may enjoy and want to replicate these on your spare time.  (Ya know, to maintain sanity during the holidays. ) These snowflakes were starched and dried flat to hold there shape. Each measures 3 to 6 inches and you really don't need hooks to attach to the tree. Could you picture a beautiful garland of snowflakes with ribbon intertwined?  Just a thought.

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